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Undoubtably, your Eltham home is something which you wish to protect, ensuring that it retains its charm and security in the years ahead. Damaged double glazing, from doors to windows, can immediately effect the appearance and performance of your home in Eltham. At Point of View Glazing, our team are experts in delivering tailored solutions to restore double glazing in and around Eltham. From Lassa Road to Ladysmith Road, we have provided a range of comprehensive and reliable repairs covering everything from sash windows to bi-folding doors. No matter whether your glass panes are cracked or your locks have been giving you grief, you can count on us to resolve the issue. Call us on 020 8611 2917 today to find out more.

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As a FENSA registered family-run business, we understand the importance behind a valuable service that provides your home in Eltham with security and performance. Our team of MTC approved installers devote themselves to providing bespoke solutions across Eltham, ensuring that precision is prioritised throughout. We also take a personalised approach, refraining from using any sales techniques to guarantee a stress-free double glazing transformation for enhanced peace of mind.


The process for our

Whilst our double glazing repairs service in Eltham remains superior, we pride ourselves on delivering it in a way that remains simple and easy to understand by all involved. Take a look at the process we follow:


When you locate a fault in your double glazing in Eltham, we request that you send us a photograph of video footage of the damage.


Our team will provide a response that outlines the best suited route for repair, depending on the requirements of your window or door.


A member of our team will pay a visit to your home to carry out the tailored repair work required in a professional and timely manner.

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As a family-run business, we understand the importance behind a reliable service, carried out by a team who you can trust. We pride ourselves on encompassing that in Eltham. Take a look through the reviews our customers, past and present, have left.

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Cracked or misted double

If you are noticing the presence of misting or condensation on your windows in Eltham, the likelihood is that you won’t be impressed. This can not only alter vision out of your home, but can impact your kerb appeal. However, finding the cause might be something you find troubling. This is because there can be a number of factors that lead to these issues, but luckily for you, our services provide a repair for all of them. Smashed or cracked double glazing can have the same repercussions, as well as reducing the security of your home, and increasing the risk of weather damage. For the repair work we carry out, we provide free and accurate quotations, allowing you to make a well informed decision before committing to the beneficial works.

Broken or damaged locks

Our double glazing repairs service in Eltham also covers the unit of your windows and doors. This means that we can carry out repairs on faulty handles, damaged hinges, problematic locks and more. You can rest assured that, with us on your side, we can provide you with functioning double glazed glass, doors and windows that enhance performance, security and function.


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Over the years, we have worked tirelessly ot provide homes across Eltham with double glazing repairs of premium quality. Find out why you can depend on us.

Trust in our family-run business

We understand the importance behind a personal connection, and guide each of our customers in Eltham through the repair process without any pressure of upselling or upgrading the service. We only ever carry out the best suited approaches.

Rely on our personal approach

With our personal approach, you can benefit from a service that is tailored to benefit you and your property in Eltham. Throughout, you will be partnered with a single member of our team to ensure that any requests and requirements are known and understood by each party.

Depend on our quality products

Our repairs are carried out with top of the range equipment and materials, guaranteeing results of the highest quality. With this knowledge, you can share the level of confidence we hold against our work, and the performance, security and appearance it grants your double glazing.

Double glazing

Your double glazing could be misting up for one of two reasons. The presence of condensation between your glass panes can be the result of faulty ventilation or an issue with the gasket seals. The presence of mist on the inside of your windows can be due to a dramatic heat difference between the inside of your home in Eltham, and the outside. This temperature difference can create excessive moisture on the warmer side of the glass.

To repair the cause of condensation in between your glass panes, we would first recommend a consultation with a professional. At Point of View Glazing, we can provide a recommended solution, along with a quote when you send us a photo of video of the issue. We can also visit your property to take a closer look, and locate the fault with our expertise.

The answer to this question will vary on a case-by-case basis. To determine the best suited route to take, a double glazing specialist should carry out an inspection. If a replacement is recommended, this would be as the most cost effective option, saving you from committing to additional repairs in the near future. However, if a repair is feasible, this route will be recommended.

Did you know, double glazing is available in a range of grades. Different grades, combined with the care the glass receives, can all impact the lifespan of your double glazing. However, as a general rule of thumb, quality and well-kept double glazing should last up to 20 years. At Point of View Glazing, we can advise on the ways to correctly maintain your double glazing to prolong its lifespan.

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