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Here at Point of View Glazing, we are here to help you protect your investment. As your trusted team, we can provide a maintenance package that will preserve the beauty and functionality of your home. Find out how we can help by calling 020 8611 2917.

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In much the same way as your car will have its annual service, it is a good idea to have a reliable maintenance package in place for your windows and doors. A maintenance package includes a series of checks that ensure your windows and doors remain in good working condition. These checks include:

  • Making sure all furniture is in good working order
  • Ensuring all hinges are easy to operate and grime free
  • Checking for signs of weather proofing deterioration, including external perimeters as well as gaskets and seals
  • Lock realignments​

Factors such as misaligned locks could mean that your door is difficult to close or lock, whilst those such as grimy hinges could lead to a stiff window and therefore cause problems down the line. As well as any adjustments that need to be made, our maintenance visit will identify any replacement parts that may be required, such as hinges and handles. You will receive a full report detailing our suggestions, and will have freedom to decide if you wish to proceed. Whilst these are not included in the cost of the maintenance package, replacing them would certainly help to keep windows and doors in good working order.


What if a repair is needed?

If we find an area which requires a fix, we will present you with the cost of the new part. If you are happy to proceed, we will aim to rectify the issue during the same visit. In the rare occasion that we don’t have the part on us, we will return for free at another date to carry out the fix.

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Would you benefit from a free maintenance visit? Why not refer a friend! Here at Point of View Glazing, we’re grateful for any recommendations and want to repay our customers where we can. If you recommend our services to a friend who goes on to have a new set of windows or doors installed to their home, we will provide you with a free maintenance call out. It’s just our way of saying thank you.

Maintenance or

Over time, keeping your windows and doors in good condition may require maintenance or repair work, and you may find yourself contemplating which one is the right fit. We understand how important it is that you make the right choices for your property. We see our maintenance package as a way to better the day-to-day condition of your doors and windows, whilst our repair service addresses any aspects which no longer operate as they should. If you need advice on which route to take, get in touch with our team. We will be happy to offer advice and support.


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We are a team you can trust. Find out what sets us apart.

We are a family-run business

We know that, when it comes to a service that improves your home, reliability matters. Across our maintenance package, we will never push you to make a sale. If additional assistance is required, we will only recommend options that will benefit you and your home.

We deliver a personal approach

When delivering our maintenance services, we take a personalised approach with every customer. This enables us to build reliable relationships that reinforce trust and offer a greater sense of security. Your doors and windows will receive the support they need.

We provide high-quality products

The quality of the products we provide never wavers, regardless of the project specifications. In case you are in need of any convincing, we partner all our products with a 10-year warranty. This can give you confidence that they are going to make a lasting difference to your home.

Where we work

While we are located in Bexleyheath, our maintenance services extend well beyond. Over the years, we have delivered our services to properties across South London and Kent. Evidence of our craftsmanship can be observed in a range of locations…

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