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Double glazing

The look and feel of your home in Bromley is bound to be one of your greatest achievements, and so damaged double glazed windows or doors won’t fill you with excitement. Here at Point of View Glazing, our team of experts are on hand to provide complete repair services for double glazed units, from sash windows to bi-folding doors. Whether your glass panes have experienced a crack, or your locks are providing you with more grief than security, we have the expertise to resolve it. We are here for you when you need us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 020 8611 2917.

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As a FENSA registered family-run business, we understand the value behind a service that enhances your home, as well as the importance in choosing the best team to do so. The installations of our repairs and replacement projects in Bromley are caried out by MTC approved installers, each with a commitment to precision. We carry out each project in a professional yet relaxed manner, removing the pressure of sales or upgrades throughout. Instead, we work to provide you and your home with a positive change that impacts the look and feel of your property.


The process for our

The process we carry out for double glazing repairs in Bromley is simple and straightforward, completed in just three steps. No matter whether it be a French door or casement window, a crack in the glass or a split in the seal, we will handle it with expertise. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll take care of the rest! All of our repair works come with a 6-month warranty, unless stated otherwise.


You will send us an image or video of the damage or fault via WhatsApp.


A member of our specialist team will advise on the best route to take, dependant on the type of repair required.


An expert within our team will visit your property and carry out the required repair work in a pristine and professional manner.

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We understand the value behind a repair service that improves your home in Bromley. We know that you will want to find out exactly what you could expect from us, which is why we offer our reviews with confidence. Take a look at what our customers in Bromley make of our products and services.

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Our repair services are on hand to restore your double glazed windows back to their original quality, no matter their condition. Get in touch to find out how we can help you. Call or WhatsApp us on 020 8611 2917, email us at or fill out our contact form.



Cracked or misted double

Windows are there for you to see out of, and the presence of misting or condensation can not only ruin your views, but jeopardise your kerb appeal. Whilst the cause of this could be down to a variety of factors, repair or replacement work can resolve the issue in its entirety.

Cracked or smashed double glazing can also impact your visual enjoyment and kerb appeal, but it can also introduce a level of vulnerability. The risk of attempted break-in’s, or possessions becoming damaged by weather is enough to think about, but the cost of double glazing repair work might be another thing adding to your list.

Here at Point of View Glazing, we provide free and honest quotations to everyone who enquires for our repair service. This allows you to make a well informed decision, before committing to a service. It’s just one of the approaches we take to reduce any pressure on your end.

Broken or damaged locks

Our double glazing repairs service covers every aspect of your double glazed window or door in Bromley – not just the glass. If you have a damaged lock, a loose hinge or a handle which is providing you with a full body workout just to open and close, we can help. Our expertise and skillset provides us with the ability to create and provide a tailored solution for every requirement in Bromley. We want your property to be looking its best all year round, and will provide any solution to ensure that happens.


Why choose us for your double

From our products through to our processes, you can depend on us. The solutions we provide never fall short of remarkable, and the properties in Bromley who we have provided repair work to is growing. Find out why we are the team to depend on.

Trust in our family-run business

Personal interactions is something we prioritise over sales. This is an approach we take to ensure that every customer is comfortable throughout the repairs process, and trust in our expert judgement.

Rely on our personal approach

Throughout our repairs service, from enquiry to completion, we partner our customers with a single member of our team to ensure a seamless process is carried out, without information gaps.

Depend on our quality products

We will never provide solutions or products that are anything less than high-quality. This enables us to leave your home in the confidence that your double glazed window or door will remain in pristine condition for the long run.

Double glazing

Have you noticed mist or condensation on your windows in Bromley? Whether it be mist or condensation, as well as the placement of it on your windows, can most likely be caused by two different issues. Condensation in between your double glazed panes can appear either when there is a ventilation issue or damage to the gasket seals. Mist appearing on the inside of your windows can be due to excessive moisture in the property, or the heat within the home being excessively higher than that of external temperatures.

To remove condensation effectively, you will first need to seek the cause of the issue. You can rely on a member of our team to do this side of the detective work, before providing you with a solution that removes the issue from your property in Bromley. This could involve a replacement of the gasket seals or the installation of new glass panes to restore any ventilation fault.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be advised without first assessing the issue you are experiencing at your Bromley home. At Point of View Glazing, we will always do the right thing for our customers, and so if we feel a repair will not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run, we will recommend a repair. However, we won’t use any sales techniques. We believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to a service that betters your home.

The grade of your glazing, combined with the way you operate and care for your double glazed windows in Bromley will alter the predicted lifespan. Those which are properly cared for could last up to around 20 years, often longer. If you are seeking advice into how to properly maintain your windows, our team will be happy to guide you.

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