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We regularly replace and upgrade front doors for our customers and it is certainly interesting to hear what goes into their buying decision not just in terms of the style of door, but also the colour that they choose to go for.

We are able to supply a broad range of colours and styles and as a front door is often the first noticeable thing that people see when they are outside your home, it is an opportunity to let your personality shine through!

Here are our thoughts on what the colour of your front door could mean about you. We’re certainly not saying that this is an accurate prediction, but certainly something light-hearted for you to enjoy!

RED Red is a very passionate colour that emotes a bold and vibrant personality. Red doors have symbolised ‘welcome’ throughout history!

ORANGE An orange door can bring a Mediterranean feel to a lot of houses. It also brings warmth and cosiness.

GREEN A lot of people are reinvigorated by being near nature and enjoy having plants around the home. In much the same way, a green door brings an organic and healthy vibe to your home.

LIGHT BLUE A light blue door is friendly, innocent, and welcoming! This is because the colour can remind people of youth. It is also an optimistic colour that emotes a clear, sunny sky.

DARK BLUE Dark blue can conjure up images of a strong, calm blue ocean and is very often associated with trust and stability.

GREY Gey may seem to be a little dull for a front-door, however, it is also relatively unobtrusive. If you have an interesting front or porch, grey may be a good colour choice as it could help those features stand out.

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