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What is the difference between a French door and a patio door?

With the warm weather that we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, many of those who have a patio will have certainly been making good use of it! Access to a patio area is something that should be given thought as not only can it add value to your home, but the right type of access can depend on you want to use the doors in your home.

Whilst we will not be covering bifold doors in this blog, we hope that it helps guide you on the right style of door for your home, French or Patio.

Patio Doors Patio doors are one of the most popular rear door solutions in British homes. They simply slide behind one another to let you make the most of the space.

Most patio doors offer a smooth sliding action and help give the appearance of a much larger living space that extends from the inside of your property, out into the garden. There are several benefits to patio doors including:

  • They are generally disability-friendly thanks to their low thresholds and how they have a smooth opening

  • They do not need to open fully unlike french doors, which need to swing open

  • They are ideal for large garden views with more glass to the frame

French Doors French doors were originally popular in France during the 17th century and were widely used to give access to balconies, however, today French doors are used as a great way to transition in and out of a garden or conservatory.

French doors include two individual vertical panels that open outwards to allow light to easily flood the interior space.

The benefits of using French doors include:

  • Style giving a timeless aesthetic with all of the modern benefits

  • Flexible styles, with various classic astragal bar patterns available.

  • A primary door and a ‘slave’ door (second door panel when used in a pair) to offer more flexibility

  • The option to add security upgrades to older sets of French doors

As you will see, the choice of french doors will broadly depend on the style you want to achieve and how they will be used. If you would like to discuss which option could work best for you, why not drop us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

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