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Picture this. You’re sitting in the lounge at home ad all of a sudden you begin to feel a draught from the window. On the surface, your windows seem to be fine, but unbeknown to you, your seals may have broken.

It isn’t always obvious when your seals have broken, nor is it easy to know what to do when they break. There is no need to worry, however, as we are here to not only show you the warning signs but also what you can do about it!

SPOTTING A BROKEN SEAL Generally, the best way to spot a broken window seal is through condensation that just will not shift no matter how much you wipe your window.

Condensation is caused by moisture and air getting trapped in between the window panes causing the window to condensate.

The best way to identify a broken seal is that you see condensation on the inside of the window pane as if you see condensation on the outside of the glass, it is actually a sign that your windows are working normally.

DRAUGHTY WINDOWS When a window seal is broken, it doesn’t only affect the appearance of your windows. It affects their ability to keep you nice and warm.

The main role of a window is to keep the outside air out and therefore a window that lets the cold air in is simply not doing its job properly!

GLASS DISTORTION When you look through your window but see the outside looking unusually distorted, this is a possible indication that your window seals have broken.

You look through your window, but the outside looks unusually distorted. This is a possible indicator that your window seals have broken.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR WINDOW SEALS BREAK If you find that your window seals have broken, the question you will be asking is what you ought to be doing about it.

The first thing you will want to do is to check your warranty. If you’re still covered, simply call in the warranty and your window should be replaced or repaired free of charge.

A temporary solution may be to have your window defogged. Defogging is a relatively new service that involves drilling a small hole in the outer pane of glass and filling an agent solution in the gap to reduce the condensation. Note that this does not repair the seal, however, and the window could mist up again.

If you are unable to call in your warranty and cannot afford a new window, having the broken seals repaired is a credible option. Whilst the window will not be fully restored in terms of its insulating properties, fixing will be considerably cheaper.

The final option is to have a replacement window fitted. This is the most expensive option, however will definitely make sure that your window’s insulating ability is not diminished.

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