Should I replace my windows before selling?

To move or not to move? That often seems to be the question. If you are contemplating putting your property up on the market, there are a few things you might be considering. A question we often get asked is “Should I replace my windows before selling?”. Whilst there can most definitely be benefits, we explore the reasons why you may or may not choose to carry out a window replacement before putting your home on the market.

Is it worth replacing my windows

When selling your property, it is always worth taking a look at your home from an outsider’s perspective. We all know how easy it can be to get used to that chip in the wall, or that piece of carpet that has curled up in the corner, and it can be the same with your windows too – but we don’t just mean their appearance. Over time, it can be difficult to notice a change in condition, and it’s not until you take a closer look that you may notice that draughts are being let in, the handles are in poor condition, or your glazing could do with an upgrade. With this comes two reasons why you may wish to replace your windows before selling: to benefit your home’s kerb appeal and energy efficiency.

The importance of

We know we shouldn’t, but we all do. Judging homes from the look of their exterior is something which we can’t help but do when walking past, and kerb appeal is especially sought after when it comes to purchasing a new house. The look of old, worn windows could be the difference between a viewing and a no-go, so it is important to find out if there is anything you can do to restore yours, from a good-old scrub to a full replacement.

The role of

It’s something we all hear about, and perhaps it stays in the very backs of our minds, but heat can be lost through windows. However, the higher your level of glazing, the less heat is lost. With double glazing, heat loss could reduce from 70% to just 10%, and with the addition of quality blinds or curtains this reduces even further.

Why new windows could

There will of course be benefits to replacing your windows, even if you find that they are in a considerably good condition. If you can’t remember when they were installed, it could be time to welcome a new set to your home. Whilst this can cost you in the short run, you will be able to reap the benefits when it comes to the sale.

Consider this from your own perspective: Would buying a house, only to spend additional money (as well as time) on it put you off from making an offer? Home improvements aren’t something which everyone takes to, and so purchasing a home where there is no requirement to upgrade so can be a major plus point for potential buyers, as well as yourself. The addition of increased energy efficiency is also going to be a benefit!

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