5 signs it’s time for a door replacement

Your front door doesn’t just set a tone for your living space, but it is also the entry way into your home. It plays a crucial part in protecting your family and your property, and so it is important that you are aware of the signs that tell you it is time for a replacement. We explore 5 of the most common tell-tale signs that it’s time to restore your front door.

Your front door

Your front door has a duty to protect, and if yours is not doing so, it may be time for a replacement. There are a number of factors which could contribute to security risks and failures, including:

  • If you find you’re getting a full body workout in by simply locking or unlocking your door.
  • If your doorframe has warped or become rotten, preventing the door from sealing shut.
  • The glass panes within your door, the sidelights or toplights are rattling when the door is operated.

These factors can be witnessed by those with ulterior motives, and could result in a break-in. In newer model front doors, security measures are built into their designs to enhance protection.

Your energy bills

Another tell-tale sign, more noticeable in colder months, could be rising of energy bills. Yes, we know they are rising across the country right now, but it could be worth looking at your monthly bills to see if there are any additional price increases which don’t line up with those of previous months. A culprit for this possible rise could be your front door.

Can you see light peeking through the edges of your door frame? This will be enough space for draughts to pass through and, in turn, this will counteract your central heating system, cooling your home whilst you try to heat it. This will result in you having your heating on for a longer time, or on a higher heat. A new front door that fits the frame perfectly can reduce the amount of heat escaping your home, making you more energy efficient.

Your front door is

Is your front door beginning to look tired, or show signs of aging? From peeling wood to cracked uPVC, damage to your front door points to one conclusion: a replacement. As well as it is decreasing the kerb appeal that your home undoubtably used to have, it also brings with it security risks. Consistent warping can lead to a door that no longer fits the frame properly or a loose lock that begins to twist and become too loose. It is essential to follow up signs of damage with a reliable solution.

Outdoor noise is

The materials used to form your door, be it timber, composite, or uPVC, combined with the glazing grade in your accompanying windows are designed to keep internal noise in, and external noise out. If you are noticing those outdoor noises are now present in your home, from traffic to conversations, it could be down to the glazing in your windows, or gaps around the edge of your door. A front door replacement, complete with toplights or sidelights, can provide a solution to both these issues, removing external noise and restoring your home to your peaceful sanctuary.

Your kerb appeal is

It’s true, we are always teaching and being taught that “looks don’t matter”, but you just can’t deny that the kerb appeal of a house is something we all use to make assumptions. Whether you are planning to put your house up on the market, have the in-laws visiting in the coming months, or simply want your home to look its best, a front door replacement could make all the difference. Match your new door to the pristine paint job and brickwork across your home and boast a home which appears put together… even if the inside tells a different story!

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